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Snowpack's back

Blizzard at Moon House

Give the gift of a year of Western insights

The Energy Transition and Public Lands, Part III

News Roundup: Bears Ears, Boebert, and Arches

The Energy Transition and Public Lands, Part II

The Energy Transition and Public Lands, Part I

Catchup on your Land Desk reading

Macho exhaust; Tejon Ranch; and more

The Silt Remembers

Fed leasing review: raise royalties; ignore climate

The new New Deal is a pretty good deal

The radicalization of the GOP

Land News: Fire season never ends, wacky water schemes, and more

The Blackest Week: A pandemic comes to Colorado's high country--in 1918

The Diablo's in the details

Redux: The rise of the land-healing industry

Wreckreation vs. wildlife

Rest day (with a handful of headlines)

Guest Post: Desert Dreamworks

News Roundup: Biden's back?

Our River of Sorrow: Part III

Our River of Sorrow: Part II

Our River of Sorrow

Some things we're reading

Data Dump: Park #s + Housing + etc

On the poetry of Simon J. Ortiz

News Roundup: Climate, energy, oil, gas

Guest Post: Time for a Fresh Approach in Greater Yellowstone

Water Year 2021 Recap; Silverton bans OHVs

Six takeaways from the BENM and GSENM proclamations

Bears Ears is Back

Ode to campgrounds

Wealth inequality in the West

Autumn melancholia

Guest Post: Chaco Culture National Park is under siege

Glen Canyon's generating days are numbered

Your Turn: How to deal w/ overcrowded public lands?

Study: Dispersing recreation makes matters worse

BLM goes back to DC...

House on Fire crowds and other bits and pieces

On Environmental Crimes...

Where's Interior?

Images from a Four Corners road-trip

No, more national parks won't solve overcrowding

Labor Day longread

Ketchup Day...

Ode to the San Juan River

Glen Canyon Dam time-travel split-screen

News Roundup: Ditches, smoke, and population decline

Indigenous leaders call for oil and gas leasing reform

Monsoon, McElmo, Drought

Study: fracking fouls surface water

Guest Post: Desecration in the Desert

News Roundup: There ain't enough water to go around

State Line

The Legacy of Mining endures

News Roundup: Are we doomed?


Dog Days of Summer Break

Coal companies harvest subsidy cash while the taxpayer gets stiffed

The Fish Question

Neither fire, smoke, nor searing heat can stop the public land swarms

Lake Powell hits a record-low amid mega-monsoon

Visualizing water inequality--from space

Robbing Peter to save Powell

How has the drought/heat affected you?

A tale of water inequality in the West

Data Dump: Oil and gas rebounds...

Oregon wildfire knocks out power line

Escape from climate change? Think again.

Landscape and history

Mountain migration report paints bleak picture

News Roundup: It's all about the heat

A small Colorado town gets Trumped

Methane Madness IV

Monday Thread: What does Summer Solstice mean to you?

Data Dump: Cows, cows, cows...

Explainer: Warming planet, failing grid

News Roundup for June 14

Fire Season is Here

How I changed my mind about Bears Ears...

The Dam-building era lives on

News Roundup: Nuke on its way to Wyoming

DATA DUMP: Methane Madness III

Dry Times x 2

Data Dump: Hydropower dries up along with the rest of the West

News Roundup: Chaco buffer zone inadequate

Long-read: The Golden Goose Syndrome and the Train

Methane Madness II: When bitcoin and flaring meet

News Roundup: A look at 30 by 30

Methane Madness: Part I

Wednesday Thread: What to do about inundation of public lands?

News Roundup: Mining law reform?

Dust, snow, and diminishing albedo


News Roundup: Bear attack, contextualized

BREAKING: Durango woman found dead after apparent bear attack

Birthing Rock petroglyph panel near Moab defaced

Backpacking in Bears Ears

News Roundup: Biden picks BLM leader

The poster forest for timber greed

News Roundup: The end of energy dominance

Land Report: Dry, dusty, sublime ...

Friday Thread: Your car story (and mine)

Data Dump: Spills Happen

News Roundup: Solar sovereignty

Haaland visits Bears Ears

Snowpack peaks early--still kills

The rise of the Land-healing Industry

Data Dump: Permadrought

THREAD: Land Desk reporting trip guidance

News Roundup: Cannabis, carbon, clickbait

Data Dump: Wildlife Death Toll

Epidemic of Violence

News Roundup: Getting a handle on runaway recreation?

Oil, milkshakes, and DRAINAGE!

Data Dump: Mineral Leasing Act Overhaul?

News Roundup: Bears Ears swap anticipation

The mega-monument that almost was

Data Dump: Tailings Dump

Vanishing butterflies and solar scuffle

Carbon Capture Convolution (part II)

Data Dump: grab bag

Motorized Madness

Your Turn: Solving the housing crisis

Data Dump: Zoom Boom Pitfalls

News Roundup: Chaining Reprieve

Carbon Capture Convolution (part I)

Coming soon...

Data Dump: Texas Turmoil

News Roundup: A look at Daines' opposition to Biden's Interior pick

Thread: Be the Land Desk assignment editor

Data Dump: The alfalfa question

News Roundup

Another control day

COVID and industrial-scale tourism

R.S. 2477 and the Utah road-fetish

Much ado about a leasing pause

Data Dump: I can see clearly now...?

Rolling back the Rollbacks

The Meaning of Monuments

Data Dump: Keystone XL epitaph-by-the-numbers

News Roundup: Midnight Plunder

Wise Use Echoes

Gold King legal saga reaches milestone

Data Dump: Animas River Flows

Why the Land Desk?

Western lands and communities--in context