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Happy Hibernation and Holidays

Foto Friday Favorite Place

Introducing the Mining Monitor Map

Foto Friday Favorite Place Thread

La Niña? ... Is that you?

Foto Friday

BREAKING: Avi Kwa Ame National Monument reportedly a go

Mining Monitor, Killer Cars, Cattle Correction

Bears Ears & Grand Staircase-Escalante Battles Continue

News Nuggets

Lisbon Valley Blues

Foto Friday

Longread: The F%$^hell Canyon Saga

Foto Friday

Reflections from the road

What's going on with the oil industry?

The kitten incident

News Roundup (and a rant!)

Wealth moves West + Equicide Epidemic

When no home is affordable, where do you live?

The mining land rush is on

The Growth Machine Churns On

News bites

Water Year 2022 Recap

Energy-Water Nexus Data Dump 1: Fracking

Bears Ears Management Plan and other news


Identify this view!

Bits and pieces

Celebrating a polluter's demise ...

Data Mega-Dump: Alfalfa (Part II)

Rio Grande Streamflow Mystery: Solved?

A day in Uranium Country

Visualizing heat inequality

Monsoon Mayhem in Moab

Data Dump: Housing crisis drags on

Colorado River crisis continues

Visualizing aridity -- from space

Cows, climate, and public land grazing

The coal-tainted poison pill in the climate bill ...

Photo contest!

Prioritize people, not parking

Guest Post: Ditches are a vanishing paradise

Saga of an Oil Well (The Horseshoe Gallup Field Sacrifice Zone Part II)

A trip through a sacrifice zone: The Horseshoe Gallup oilfield

Summer Catch up Day

Links and tweets and headlines

Visitation down (slightly) at "Mighty Five" national parks

Image Gallery: Summer Southwest

Monday Open Thread: Let's play the used-to-be game

Luxury houseboat sinks on Lake Powell

News Catchup, July edition

The good climate news of today

Episodes and images from a broken, beautiful America

Image: Friday Skyday

Solstice and the Silver Bullet

Reporting Trip Report

Image: Fossil Fuel Extravaganza

Impressions from a Homecoming

Guest Post: The Colorado River Compact hasn't aged well

Friday Chart: Rise and Fall (and comeback?) of Coal

Happy Birthday Antiquities Act

Monday News Roundup

Desecration at Bears Ears

Cisco Resort and other water buffalo oddities

Long weekend hiatus

Map Day: Fire risk, O&G threats, Snowmelt timing

Monday Thread: Be the Land Desk assignment editor!

Aridification Briefs: Spring runoff edition

Data Dump: Is Colorado River demand management unfair to farmers?

Brief bits

"Shaping an urban area" in the rural West: Part IV

Another climate victim: Cryptobiotic crust

Monday Getaway

Aridification Watch: May edition

History Repeats: The Rattlesnake Field and Aneth oil

Monday Micro-news-dose

The vanishing piñon jay

Wednesday News Roundup

Monday Open Thread: What changes have you seen?

Forever Fire Season

Challenge at Glen Canyon

Oil & gas leasing resumes -- with reforms

Mid-month news roundup

What are you reading (not a book) and why?

When history repeats

Spring Break and Spring Snowpack

The Spillway Question

A visit to Hoover Dam

News bits: The West is growing, and burning, and drying out

Guest Post: Trailer park residents hope to buy the land beneath them

Durango-Silverton railroad to pay $20M for 416 Fire

The range is sick; O&G leasing is back

Friday Open Thread: Tell us about your favorite bookstore(s) in the West!

Data Dump: Glen Canyon dips into hydropower buffer zone

Scrappy watchdogs gear up for a new mining boom with court victories

News Roundup: Gas prices, O&G BS, more

Wednesday open thread: A real hot topic!

Shaping an urban area in the rural West: Part III

Data Dump: snow, guns, Bears Ears land swap

GUEST POST When it’s time to run: recollections from a fire and its fallout

Shaping an urban area in the rural West: Part II

Data Dump: Grim statistics for grim times

Weds Hed(lines)s: Court favors Grand Canyon uranium; Biden wants mine reform; oil-gas go gangbusters; coal just won't die...yet

"Shaping an urban area" in the rural West: Part I

Catch up! (on your Land Desk reading)

Looking at the land through the eyes of an iconic species

News Roundup: Arroyos on trial; Superstition Vistas; Lake Powell bridge

FRIDAY OPEN THREAD: What are you watching (about the West)?

AVALANCHE: A blow-by-blow analysis of the 1978 disaster flick

News Roundup: coal, income gap, Nevada national monuments and more

Data Dump: Our crowded national parks (again)

Coal, fire, methane, and moving mountains

News Roundup: Dwindling snowpack and water levels, big box solar, vandalism

Data Dump: Biden drilling boom?

"Just erosion": A walk in Bisti/De-Na-Zin

Wonkfest: Sunnyside Gold King Settlement, explained

Data Dump: Gold King, water, and some good news for rivers and fish

Open thread: What are y'all reading?

News Roundup: Coal, oil, solar (+ snow)

A Mojave Desert Image Diary

The Energy Transition and Public Lands: Part IV

Jan. 6 and the "Sagebrush Rebels"

A New Year thread: What would you like the Land Desk to cover in 2022?

Colorado's Marshall Fire: redefining the wildland urban interface and the notion of fire season