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The 1911 Flood: Could it happen again?

Jerry W. Roberts: Sept. 5, 1948 - Sept. 22, 2023

Addenda to On the supply-side housing theory

On the housing supply-side theory

Biden administration calls for mining law reform

Weather Whiplash Roundup

In the wake of a disaster

When the flood comes

On the SunZia transmission project and carbon tunnel vision

Tuesday Thread: Whaddaya want from the Land Desk?

Dog Days Quick Hits

Feds seek public input on Grand Staircase-Escalante management plan


SNOWSCREEN: Chapter III "Science is nice; Bombs are better"

Big win for Bears Ears, Grand Staircase-Escalante

The West -- and the Alfalfa Wars -- heat up

Ancestral Footprints national monument is a go

On vanishing in the age of surveillance

What the snowy winter gives, the heat takes away


Oil and gas reform; Getting my goat; Good news

Foto Friday: A few images to get you through another hot one

Data Dump: bits and pieces from here and there

Good News Friday

When the climate and fentanyl crises collide

Foto Friday: Pondering "nature" photography and Dog Days of summer

Parched ponderosas and other bits and pieces

Bears Ears land exchange and lawsuit advance

SNOWSCREEN: A Project Petrichor environmental thriller

Uranium hype heats up (even as the industry falters)

Friday Thread: Tell us your river stories!

Runoff Report (we have a winner!); Chaco Kerfuffle

Friday thread: What are you reading this summer?

My life with bikes

Supreme Court imperils arroyos, wetlands

Will Colorado River cuts create a new Dust Bowl?

Breaking down the"breakthrough" Colorado River deal

A dusty journey on the San Juan

Lisbon Valley mining land rush continues

Fires, Snowslides, and Floods -- Oh my!

Can we engineer our way out of drought?

Rowdy Runoff + Uranium activity on Bears Ears border

Gentrified Bluff; Uranium drilling at disaster site; Runoff watch

Rico Reprieve + BLM revokes Moab-area lithium permit

Can a new rule fix the Bureau of Livestock and Mining?

Play the Predict the Runoff Peak Contest!

Mining Monitor, Runoff Watch, Real Estate Room

Runoff Watch: It has begun

Where to go when the world goes to hell?

Foto Friday: Skeleton Tree

News roundup: Rail, real estate, and dinosaurs

Saturation Watch (4/1 Snowpack Update)

Tuesday Thread: Tell us about your favorite national monument or park

Foto Friday: Hovenweep National Monument turns 100

Pondering Page, Arizona (and Lake Powell)

Foto Friday:Report from the Road

Biden's broken promise; Uranium import ban?

Mental health day + a little photo contest

The trouble with normal ...

A reprieve for Powell?

Ditch cars and reduce mining

Invasion of the Feral Cows; Rain Follows the Plow?

Re-engineering Glen Canyon Dam

Is 'responsible' mining possible?

Calf Creek Overhaul; Chaco Court Ruling

Lake Powell: What is it good for?

Foto Friday: Memories of Canyon de Chelly

Another uranium mill on its way to Utah?

Friday Thread: What do you want from the Land Desk in 2023?

Data Dump: Are the national park crowds subsiding?

The West: Land of income extremes

Decoupling consumption from population on the Colorado River

Foto Friday: Black Mesa

Reeling in the last of last year's news