(BREAKING: $90 million settlement reached on Gold King)
Open thread: What are y'all reading? This is a self-interested thread and so I’m opening it to all Land Desk readers (not just you paying folks) to get a bigger response. Basically,…
On Biden's indecisive approach to public lands; and a new avalanche tool
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Living off the grid works, but requires a big energy rethink
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A New Year thread: What would you like the Land Desk to cover in 2022? One of the best things about running the Land Desk is the community of readers, who must be the smartest group of folks around. Your comments on…
THE NEWS: The fast-moving Marshall Fire tore through suburbs on Colorado’s Front Range on Dec. 30, destroying 991 structures and damaging 127 others in…
A series of storms has brought snow levels across the West up to above nail-biting levels
On the triumph and tribulation of winter desert camping
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Also: Another settlement in the Gold King Mine blowout case