The state and conservancy district know that we face drastic declines in flows, comparable to those on the Colorado river. The emphasis is all about somehow increasing supply, rather than taking the difficult steps of addressing demand. New Mexico's antiquated water management agencies have no mandate to protect the natural environment and the state's depleted rivers only get protection through the federal Endangered Species Act. The grasping at a half century old channel as the solution to meeting the state's compact obligations to Texas is all too typical.

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In Ms.Hill's article:

" So far, none of the work to remove brush and maintain roads along the channel looks likely to injure endangered Rio Grande silvery minnow—it’s never been good habitat for them—and the one nesting Southwestern willow flycatcher in the area was unlikely to be disturbed by the work, according to the Service’s analysis for the Bureau of Reclamation." Per the US Fish & Wildlife!

Frankly, human management doesnt always become HUMANE management of other species.

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