Your Turn: Solving the housing crisis

Today I’m doing the ol’ thread thing, and turning it over to y’all in the hopes of generating some dialogue around solutions to the housing crisis. I want to hear your ideas, be they ultra-specific or super broad and general. I want to hear about innovative ways communities are tackling the problem. And if you don’t have solutions but just need to vent: Tell us about your experiences trying to find affordable housing. We’re here for you.

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In the meantime, why don’t you spend some time catching up on Land Desk reading, as I know a lot of you have let the issues (virtually) pile up on the coffee table and you’re starting to feel guilty because it’s so damned much to read and you just can’t keep up! A couple of recommendations:

  • Carbon Capture Convolution: A wonky exploration of an obscure equities firm’s Byzantine plan to keep a New Mexico coal plant churning away and to push more oil out of the ground. And guess who’s paying for it? You and me (i.e. taxpayers via tax credits). Also, stay tuned to the Land Desk for a carbon capture, EOR, 45Q primer in coming weeks.

  • If you’re relatively new to the Land Desk, you may have missed The Meaning of Monuments, a meditation about what national monuments actually do—and don’t do—to protect antiquities and the environment.

  • And if you’re a fan of avalanche thrillers, check out Another Control Day.

And once again a huge THANK YOU to all of you who have signed up for the Land Desk, particularly the paid subscribers and Founding Members, without whom I just couldn’t do this. I’m designing your t-shirts and tote-bags now and I just finished going over the copyedits of Sagebrush Empire, due out in August (but hopefully available to y’all prior to that).

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Okay, enough of that. Now, it’s YOUR TURN. Tell us about your experiences w/ finding housing and throw out ideas for tackling the problem, either on an individual, community, or universal level…

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