FRIDAY OPEN THREAD: What are you watching (about the West)?

The recent Land Desk thread in which you all weighed in on your favorite Western books was such a hit—and supplied me with a lifetime’s worth of reading—that I figured I’d try the same with movies and television shows.

What are some of your favorite films or television shows about or filmed in the Western United States? That could include all the old “Westerns,” of course, but I’m more interested in the unexpected, with extra credit going to genre-bending, myth-busting films and shows. What makes them special?

So, sure, True Grit (filmed in and around Ridgway, Colorado) would count, but so would Nomadland (filmed in Quartzsite, Arizona, and other Western locales), Zabriskie Point (Antonioni’s hallucinogen Death Valley flick), Dynasty (cheeseball show about the antics of a Denver oil and gas dynasty), and even Breaking Bad (set and filmed in and around Albuquerque).

And no, you’re not allowed to include Avalanche (but I would encourage you to read the dispatch and, especially, the comments on it. It’s amazing how many Durango folks were extras or otherwise involved in the film). And I promise we’ll get back to more serious news next week.

Now it’s your turn. Go! (And extra, extra credit to whoever identifies the movie in which the train-explosion pictured above appears and where it was filmed).