Wednesday open thread: A real hot topic!

If there’s one thing we try to avoid here at the Land Desk, it’s hot-button, controversial topics, like climate change, or radical Republicans, gun violence, or getting cars off the road, or renewable energy and public lands.

But today, we’re feeling really crazy, so we’re diving headfirst into a hotbed of contentiousness. That’s right. We want to know:

Where can we get the West’s best green chile cheeseburger?

Yeah, see? We’re not messing around. And for y’all who don’t eat meat? No worries. Just tell us where you can get the top Frito Pie in the Southwest (Green chile, red chile, or Christmas)?

Okay! Okay. If you don’t eat that kind of food, we’ll accept the best green chile enchiladas and/or stew.

And no, “My Mom’s house” doesn’t count, unless you’re inviting us all over for dinner tonight. Got it?

Now it’s your turn. Go!