THREAD: Land Desk reporting trip guidance

Stanton Sky. Photo-illustration/digital painting by Jonathan P. Thompson

One of the great things about this news- and word-delivering format is the community aspect, i.e. you, fair readers, and these “threads” which are designed to give you your say.

The (fully vaccinated, praise be!) Land Desk is about to pack up the ol’ reporting-jalopy and go on the road to visit the country I cover, rooting out news and stories as I go (contingent upon the COVID situation). I’m hoping y’all will help guide my itinerary with some news tips and suggestions regarding pressing land/community issues in your part of the world. Point me to a new mine proposal in your neck of the woods, for example, or an innovative approach to the affordable housing problem, or a leaking oil well, or a place that has been ravaged by drought, or just a person who is doing a lot for the lands and communities. Ask a question, tip me off to nefarious activities on the public lands, or just send me to an interesting place.

If it’s too sensitive to put out there to the whole group, go ahead and email me at

But before you do that, make sure you catch up on your Land Desk reading (which, I know, is hard to keep up with, thus these ketchup, er, catch-up, days.) If you haven’t, please check out:

So have at it: Guide me on my upcoming reporting trip around the West! Tell me about the pressing issues that you’re interested in, worried or optimistic about, intrigued by. And, if you haven’t signed up as a paid subscriber, be sure to…

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