Thread: Be the Land Desk assignment editor

McElmo Car. Digital painting/photo-illustration by Jonathan P. Thompson

The Land Desk is one month (and a few days) old! The response has been overwhelming and I am so grateful to all of you who have signed up and bought subscriptions. I’m especially indebted to the Founding Members who have forked out some extra to help me get this endeavor off the ground. Thank you (I’ll be contacting you soon about your swag). Paid subs enable the Land Desk to be self-sustaining, which enables me to devote more time and energy to bringing you coverage of Western Lands and Communities—in context.

Over that time I’ve thrown a lot of words and data at you, so today I’m taking a pause to try out the thread function and let you weigh in (see below), while also letting you catch up on your reading. Some of the most popular posts thus far:

Now, for today’s thread. This is y’all’s chance to be my assignment editor for a day. I’m hoping you’ll suggest topics for stories you’d like to read over the next weeks or months. Suggestions can be broad or more specific. You can suggest a general direction for coverage or give me a juicy news tip. You can even use this as a little Western lands therapy session if you’d like. Or just ask a simple question, like Mark did last week, goading me to write this popular post on alfalfa. Usually, commenting is only for paid subscribers, but this thread is open to all. It’s your turn: Go!