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Great post Jonathan, thanks! Your bit about Page is kind of disheartening with the new home building going on. It baffles my feeble mind that the resort and exclusive home building is ramping up in spite of our situation in the desert SW. Your photo of the exclusive Indigo Ridge at Lake Powell resort reminds me of the exclusive Lionsback resort being built in Moab. Strange that these towns still let these big corporations take over. I guess Zennihome coming into the old San Juan Generating Plant is a good thing as far as providing jobs. It's still a paradox that building Gucci small homes will happen on Navajo Nation property were so many live without the basics.

Our snow situation is amazing! Snotel today, 3/23/23, for our Gunnison Basin is 165% and a whopping 181% for the Dolores Basin. Today both are above the 2019 record year. We were in Green River, UT a week ago and the river was definitely beginning to swell. I guess Reservoir Powell may get a slight reprieve.

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