Monday Thread: Be the Land Desk assignment editor!

The Land Desk (and HCN’s Landline) is hitting the road in the trusty Silver Bullet from June 15-July 15 for an extended reporting trip throughout the West (mostly Interior West states, with a priority on areas that appear on the Land Desk Green Chile Atlas).

And we want your suggestions for where to go, what to cover, who to talk to, and so forth. What and where are the important issues playing out on the ground, and who are the main players trying to find solutions? Are you a scientist studying climate, drought, archaeology, wildlife, pollution and are willing to have a reporter tag along for a day in the field? Are you a planner or policymaker coming up with innovative solutions you’d like to share? Are you an advocate or water/climate/land protector interested in exposing some wrong being inflicted on the environment? Or how about an industry insider who wants to tell their story?

Throw your suggestions into the comments below or send me a direct message by replying to this dispatch or writing me at

Your turn! Assign away!