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We are buried in the furthest corner of NW Colorado. The drifts in the barnyard are so dramatic one almost needs crampons to navigate. And, where they’ve plowed it looks like a ski area parking lot. I remember Durango like this, you couldn’t see over the snowplow piles while driving down the highway.

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I cant decide is this is “good” news of not considering my hatred of that damn dam.

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Excuse the rant from a statistician, but I'm tired of everyone using "percent of normal/mean/median" to convey how much snow we are getting. That statistic is okay, but it's not enough. The problem is that it has no relation whatsoever to the year-to-year variably in annual snowfall. For example, Upper Dolores River watershed is reported to be at 137% of normal right now. Mathematically, we could get past 137% all the time or maybe this is very unusual... you just don't know based on this reported number. You need a standard deviation, or something like that, to put the whole story together. A common alternative would be to report if this is a 60th, 90th, or a 99th percentile year.

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