Monday Open Thread: Let's play the used-to-be game

Loyal Land Desk readers have probably noticed that I sometimes like to use this space to play the used-to-be game, in which I virtually walk down the street or road and point out what used to be but is no longer, for better or worse (annoying my friends in the process). So, for example, in my hometown of Durango, Colorado, I might point to the dog park next to the river and say, “That used-to-be the uranium mill tailings pile that blew radioactive dust over the South Side!” Or I’d point to J/P Tire and say, “That used to be the Malt Shoppe, and they had killer creme de menthe shakes!” Or how what is now an upscale housing development in the wildland-urban interface used to be the place my buddies and I would have multi-day sword battles.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me about what used to be, but is no longer, in “your place,” whether it’s your hometown, the swath of public land you like to hike on, or just a place that is special to you. Go!